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  • Time Now for the SPJ Story Exchange: Breaking and Enterprise in a Digital Age
    • Elizabeth Smith, Pepperdine University Hi Elizabeth - please fill your bio info right here. Please update the phone number above (I used my SPJ phone #). And, please put your title, Twitter handle, etc. above! Thank you!
    • Sarah McCammon, National Correspondent, NPR (@sarahmccammon) Sarah McCammon is a national correspondent for NPR and a frequent guest host of its programs. Her reporting primarily focuses on cultural, social and political divides, including abortion and reproductive rights, and the intersection of politics and religion. She was also their lead correspondent covering President Trump's 2016 campaign.
    • April Bethea, Deputy Education Editor, The Washington Post (@aprilbethea) April Bethea is a deputy education editor at The Washington Post, and previously worked as night local editor and a national homepage editor. Bethea also worked at The Charlotte Observer. She currently serves on the SPJ Foundation board, and served on SPJ boards in Charlotte, DC and multiple national committees.
    Time Now for the SPJ Story Exchange: Breaking and Enterprise in a Digital Age
    The balance between breaking news and enterprise reporting can be, at best, a delicate one for student and professional journalists. Hear from journalists who have done both breaking news and enterprise reporting. If you’re looking for ways to make your stories stronger, then this session is for you. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to hear some great stories, and you’ll return to work ready to seek truth and report it in new ways.
  • Building the Next Generation of Community and Investigative Journalists
    • Mario Murillo, Vice Dean, Hofstra University Herbert School of Communication (@marioradio99) Mario Murillo is a radio professor and vice dean at Hofstra University's Herbert School of Communication. In his 30-plus years in radio, he has served as a program director, host and producer for WBAI Pacifica Radio and a feature reporter for NPR’s Latino USA, among many other assignments.
    • Scott Brinton, Journalism Professor, Hofstra University (@ScottBrinton1) Hofstra journalism professor Scott Brinton edits/advises the Herbert School's award-winning Long Island Advocate, the online multimedia publication for off-campus reporting, and Pulse Magazine, and co-directs the university's Summer High School Journalism Institute. He previously was Herald Community Newspapers executive editor and had reported for The New York Times and Newsday.
    • Megan Naftali, News Editor, Hofstra Chronicle (@MeganNaftali) Megan Naftali, a Press Club of Long Island scholarship winner, is an editor for Hofstra's Long Island Advocate and news editor of the Hofstra Chronicle, the student newspaper. She is currently enrolled in Hofstra's dual BA/MA journalism degree.
    • Chris Vaccaro, Vice President, Digital News, Altice USA, and Director, Hofstra University Graduate Journalism Program (@ChrisVaccaro) Chris Vaccaro is vice president of Digital News at Altice USA, and director of and an adjunct professor for Hofstra's graduate journalism program. He is also SPJ's Region 1 coordinator, and a board member and past president of the Press Club of Long Island.
    Building the Next Generation of Community and Investigative Journalists
    Community and investigative reporting offer journalism students a remarkable range of opportunities to make an immediate difference in people’s day-to-day lives through their work, but teaching the advanced skills needed to “dive deep” can be challenging. This panel will focus on best practices to overcome the obstacles that many student journalists face in carrying out community and investigative reporting projects, as well as ways to publish, market and brand their work in university-based and professional media outlets.
  • Headless Body in a Topless Bar: Headline Writing 101
    Claire Regan, president-elect, Society of Professional Journalists Claire Regan is an assistant professor at Wagner College in New York City and a contributing writer for the Staten Island Advance. She is past president of the New York City Deadline Club and president-elect of SPJ national. Ms. Regan completed a yearlong fellowship in journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute and received the Charles O’Malley Award for Excellence in Teaching from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.
    Headless Body in a Topless Bar: Headline Writing 101
    Every story deserves a strong headline, but it takes some journalists a whole career to become good at writing one. You can do it in just 50 minutes thanks to this session, which will offer three simple steps to help you master this critical skill. 
  • Journalist Safety Update 2022
    Chris Post, Director, @ChrisMPost, International Media Support Group Chris Post is an award winning photojournalist, and a media safety educator, with a background of over 25 years in emergency services. Chris worked in positions ranging from Captain of the fire department at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, to EMT at a regional level, to disaster response with FEMA.
    Journalist Safety Update 2022
    Newsgathering is dangerous and safety considerations are no longer just for journalists going off to war. Domestic journalists face hazards every day on the streets of their own communities. From door-knocks, crime, extreme weather, civil unrest and covering politics, the landscape has changed, and we need to be prepared. Talk about current threats, future trends and practical solutions including safety education, personal protective equipment selection and event or incident planning.
  • Freelancing 201: It’s Been Awhile — How Do I Expand My Freelance Business?
    • Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, Freelance Writer/Editor, @WriterRuth, I can write about anything® and Communication Central; SPJ Freelance Community Ruth Thaler-Carter started as a writer and added more services at higher rates. She leads the SPJ Freelance Community’s “how to” guide; wrote/published “Get Paid to Write! Getting Started as a Freelance Writer”; co-authored the EFA's “Freelancing 101...” and “Résumés for Freelancers...”; and created the “Be a Better Freelancer”® conference.
    • Kathy Gambrell, Owner, Content Essentials and Intensity Media Group Journalist, editor and digital content strategist Kathy Gambrell is the founder of Content Essentials, a studio providing digital storytelling, e-mail marketing, digital content, multi-media (podcast and video production, brand photography); social media; data analytics; user research and more. She owns the Intensity Media Group, which develops “newsletters that spark conversation.”
    • Rebecca Aguilar, President, SPJ SPJ President Rebecca Aguilar is a television commentator, news consultant, media watchdog, social media trainer and freelance reporter. She founded Latinas in Journalism and chaired the SPJ’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Freelance gigs include reporting for the Texas Metro News; White Rock Lake Weekly; and TV, radio and digital outlets.
    Freelancing 201: It's Been Awhile — How Do I Expand My Freelance Business?
    Journalists who have freelanced for a while soon become ready for something newer, bigger and better. This session will move colleagues beyond the Freelancing 101 basics of launching a freelance journalism business by providing tips for finding new, more and better-paying clients or markets; negotiating higher fees; regularly increasing rates; working in new fields, topics and media that can provide more variety in topics or clients, as well as higher income; using networking, social media and other techniques to expand their visibility; and learning new skills to offer beyond writing/reporting, such as editing, podcasting, teaching, coaching, public speaking and more.