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  • Working for You and On Your Side: Consumer Investigations
    Caresse Jackman, National Consumer Investigative Reporter, Investigate TV/Gray Television (@CaresseJ) Caresse Jackman is a National Consumer Investigative Reporter based in Washington D.C. with Gray Television’s Investigate TV. Prior to Investigate TV, she was a Consumer Investigative Reporter at WSMV-TV in Nashville, TN and has reported at WWL-TV in New Orleans, WJRT in Flint, MI and WCBI in Columbus, MS.
    Working for You and On Your Side: Consumer Investigations
    Everywhere you turn, it appears as though there is a new scam emerging from the shadows. It is why consumer investigations are so important. Whether they’re long-form investigations or a two-minute piece, in this session we will share how you can effectively navigate the consumer investigative world while telling compelling stories that build trust between you and the community and show that you’re truly working hard for them. We’ll also share tips and story ideas that you can take home to your news market.
  • Small Effort, Big Payoff Video and Audio Tricks
    Brian Champagne, Freelance Journalist, Utah State University (@newschamp) Brian Champagne worked 22 years in television news in four markets, including Chief Photographer at KTXL-TV in Sacramento.
    Small Effort, Big Payoff Video and Audio Tricks
    Stop making your viewers and listeners’ ears work so hard in your stories. That shotgun mic on your camera isn’t as good as you think it is. Learn some simple basics to make your audio sound great, including the most important technical factor when recording sound, when to use headphones, why you can use headphones as a microphone and what to do when your mic cuts out right before an important interview. Learn how to make a small effort get a big payoff for whatever sounds you’re recording. Your viewers will thank you.
  • Elections in a time of turmoil: What every journalist needs to know
    • Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director, Mission Impact for the League of Women Voters Jeanette Senecal is the Senior Director of Mission Impact for the League of Women Voters. For over 20 years, she’s protected voters’ rights, mobilized voters from traditionally underrepresented communities, and supported free, fair, and accessible elections. Jeanette leads the award-winning VOTE411.org website and initiatives such as the Democracy Truth Project.
    • Shannon Jankowski, Staff Attorney, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Shannon Jankowski is a staff attorney at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, providing amicus support for journalists and news organizations. She works on matters involving access to courts and records, defamation, anti-SLAPP motions, newsgathering torts, and other First Amendment issues, including reporters’ rights to cover elections.
    • Liz Howard, Senior Counsel, Brennan Center’s Democracy Program Liz Howard serves as senior counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. She previously served as the deputy commissioner of elections in Virginia. Howard regularly comments for television, radio, and print media on issues relating to election administration and election security and has testified before Congress and several state legislatures.
    Elections in a time of turmoil: What every journalist needs to know
    The midterms are just days away. But this year, more is at stake than control of Congress. Our democracy hangs in the balance. Since 2021, two dozen states enacted laws to suppress the vote or permit interference in elections. More than a third of voters believe the 2020 election was rigged, and droves of experienced poll workers have quit, weary of harassment. Three election experts will offer news you can use on recent changes to state election laws, efforts to help citizens who face problems on election day and the rights of journalists to cover what happens at the polls.
  • Fundraising Basics: Principles & Techniques (Part 2)
    Ann Fitzgerald, Faculty Member, The Fund Raising School at Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Ann Fitzgerald is a faculty member at The Fund Raising School at IU’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. She is founder of AC Fitzgerald (www.acfitzgerald.com), a consulting firm offering strategic advice and communications to nonprofits. Ann has a master’s degree in philanthropic studies from Indiana University.
    Fundraising Basics: Principles & Techniques (Part 2)
    Part 2: Why should a donor give to your organization? It all starts with your mission statement and your case for support. In this interactive session, learn how to increase your fundraising success by developing a strong mission and a compelling and unique case for support. Then discover the tools and techniques to identify and reach the potential donors to support your work.  
  • Care and Maintenance of an Anti-Racist Newsroom
    • Curtis Lawrence, Columbia College Chicago Curtis Lawrence is an associate professor of journalism at Columbia College Chicago. In addition to teaching, he serves as faculty adviser to the Columbia Chronicle. He is also a member of the college’s Antiracism Transformation Team. During his journalism career, he has worked as a reporter at six daily newspapers.
    • Suzanne McBride, Dean of Graduate Studies, Columbia College Chicago, @sgmcbride Suzanne McBride is a professor of journalism and dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Columbia College Chicago. She also works as an editor at the Chicago Sun-Times and runs the local news web site AustinTalks.org, which covers Chicago's West Side. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Ireland.
    Care and Maintenance of an Anti-Racist Newsroom
    This session will include an interactive discussion on what it means to have an anti-racist newsroom and why understanding the concept of anti-racism is important to journalists. It will highlight strategies on recruiting, news coverage, community building and outreach that are applicable to all newsrooms of all shapes and sizes regardless of current staff diversity — from college newspapers and websites to professional operations of all varieties.